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Our Team

We pride ourselves on being more than just another barn, but a place where clients become friends and everyone from all different walks of life can feel welcomed and at home.

Audrie Anthony
Barn Owner, Rider & Breeder

Audrie’s passion for horses and competition began at only eight years old in her hometown of Miami, FL. Audrie discovered her drive to work with dangerous horses early on as she saw a lack of compassion and understanding for these blacklisted horse.  Even before her 20th birthday, Audrie, had taken dozens of free or unrideable horses to the competition ring slowly making a name for herself. She competed these horses in the Little Wood, WEF, USEF, USDF and US Nationals & Regionals, winning High Points, Year End championships, Regional and Nationals titles. Audrie found developing her own breeding program as a way to give every foal a chance that many of her unruly competition horses never had. After, studying pedigrees, genetics, and the equine markets, Audrie developed a system of genetically selecting stallions and mares for producing an elite athlete that is sane, sound and talented, while also being ahead of the sales and competition markets. 

Audrie’s Educational Resume Includes 

Two Bachelor degrees from Florida International University in Business & Psychology 

Masters Degree from The University of Alabama in Environmental Sciences

Ranked first in her class at The University of Alabama. 

Phi Kappa Phi Alumni 

Phi Theta Kappa Alumni

Psi Chi Honor Society Member 

Audrie Owns and Operates 

Bocoy Stables

Bocoy Reproduction & Foaling Center 

Bocoy Cattle

A-1 Construction Company

CEO of A Place of Wisdom & Hope a 501c Charity 


Audrie Anthony


Audrie’s interview with Gumbits founder Shereen Fuqua

Our Trainers

James Jim Koford
FEI Dressage Trainer & Coach

Bocoy's long time mentor & trainer


Available year around for clinics/lessons/haul in's & sales horse evaluations

  • USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals (all with Distinction). USDF Rider Performance Awards (Training, First & Second), Gold Medal Freestyle Bar, FEI Master’s Challenge Award, 

  • Competed the Rolex Kentucky 3-day event multiple times

  • Five-time winner at the U.S. Dressage Finals, twice at Grand Prix, twice at the Grand Prix Freestyle, and Prix St. Georges. 

  • Named to the USA High Performance Team

  • Shortlisted for 2012 Olympic Team and World Championships

  • FEI World Cup Team Member 

  • Selected as the Wild Card draw in the Dressage Masters

  • Shortlisted for the 2019 Pan Am Games Rankings for the Large Tour 

  • Winner of the $25,000 Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Annual Grant

  • Multiple tiles at the USEF Developing Horse National Championships

  • 100s of Grand Prixs completed with scores up to 78.9%

  • Rider of famed stallions Art Deco, Donatelli II and Don Principe winning thirteen straight PSG and I1 classes in 2008.

Anna Merritt
FEI Dressage Rider & Trainer


Available year around for lessons, hauls ins, full or part training & sales.

  • Bronze, Sliver, Gold Medalist

  • Mentored by Anna Marek, James Koford, Herwig Radnetter and Bärbel Eppinger.

  • Great with Stallions 

  • Competing self-trained Grand Prix CDI stallion Fox Creeks Censentional

  • Anna is a calm, sensitive rider with a soft hand and independent seat, making her an ideal trainer and rider for multiple kinds of horses. 


Oscar Hernandez
Hunter/Jumper Rider & Trainer


Available year around for lessons, hauls ins, full or part training & sales.

  • Specializing is Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation. 

  • 3rd place Samsung International Junior Cup

  • Available for importing and horse selection.  

Mike & Elena Anthony

"They are really my biggest fans and greatest supporters. I would be lost without them," says Audrie.


       Mike Anthony, a graduate of the University Of Alabama, found his passion early in life building and owning several bars, restaurants and night clubs all before his 30th birthday. He was also an avid race car driver, airplane pilot and sailor. Mike brings years of business knowledge and ownership to Bocoy Stables along with a diverse resume of lifelong experiences. As father and daughter, Mike and Audrie have a bond that gives them both an opportunity to continuously grow and learn together. Mike has supported and guided Audrie as a father, friend and business partner is all her ventures. They are truly the "A Team."

       Elena Anthony, is a true example of a fighting spirit, showing that success is measured in how hard you work at it. Elena came to the United States with her family seeking a better life. Though it wasn't easy Elena worked her way through tough situation into having the ability to start and run businesses, buy and sell real estate, and make lucrative investments. She is a true example of the American dream and a role model to women, showing that you don't need to start with much to gain the world.

Ramon & Angelina Blanco
In Loving Memory  

Ramon & Angelina Blanco were more than parents and grandparents they were the pulse that jump started Bocoy to life. Born in Camaguey, Cuba Ramon was a A Valley Forge Military Academy graduate and had a Public Accounting degree from la Universidad de La Habana in Cuba. He met his wife, Angelina, of over 60 years while she worked for his father. While in Cuba, Ramon, directed his father's many successful businesses including Bocoy Rum. 

"When we decided to open our own farm there was no question what the name should be. It was just a name, but it felt like we were giving my grandparents it back, something they had painfully lost in Cuba all those years ago."says Audrie.

      Like so many Cuban families the Blanco family fled their home and lives to emigrate to Miami, FL in 1961. Ramon and Angelina left Cuba as a wealthy and educated couple and arrived in Miami FL with 3 daughters and no way to support them. However, because of their unwillingness to become victims they worked and persevered till they and their daughters had comfortable lives and could follow their own paths here in the United States. This driving force was undoubtably the foundation that gave The Anthony Family the motivation to reach for larger goals for Bocoy.


Ramon and Angelina without a doubt gave Bocoy their greatest gift, their 100% support and love. They will live on with Bocoy and in the hearts of The Anthony Family. 

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