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Our Partners

We would like to thank the following people, organizations and companies for their continued support. We cannot do this journey alone and we are honored to have friends along for the ride. 

Meet Our Partners


Contact us for demo saddles, ordering and saddle fitting!



Things Rafelli headed to the CDI ring in 2021 & the greatest comeback thanks to Frank Baines!

Frank Baines Saddles aren’t just saddles, they are a family-run business that takes pride in each and every saddle and customer.

When one of our top horses had a freak and life threatening accident her entire life and body changed causing her to experience crippling back pain. We tried over 10 different saddles with no success. We were faced with the reality that her young career may be over, on a whim we looked for saddle companies outside of the United States with our saddle fitter, Diane, guidance. This horse will be in the CDI ring in 2021. We reached out to Frank Baines in hopes of bring more saddles to the United States to help more horses.


We now stock a beautiful selection of demos and/or can help you order your dream saddle!


Feel the difference and experience a saddle not just made to be beautiful, but made with your horse's comfort at the highest priority.  

A-1 Accurate Erectors

Love our arena? Want your own? A-1 is the only company Bocoy has working on their rings and barns. Simply the best!


Nicole specializes in natural light portrait photography and focuses on photographing people and their horses.

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Bits N' Such says

“We are riders too!"

and it shows! Through their website they offer only products that they use or products that Kim Gentry uses in her clinics. Their products all have proven benefits for horses or they wouldn't carry them.

Contact Kim for one of her very popular bit and bridle fitting clinics at your facility!

 Please go to the website for details.


If you think Perfect Products are just calming supplements let us surprise you! They have multiple supplements aiding in joints, tendons, performance, hoof and more! 

Our favorite product is the GastroEase! It has made a huge and noticeable difference for one of our horses suffering with ulcers!

Contact them today!


Riding Warehouse slogan says it all "We Ride What We Sell"

Their quality tack, apparel and care products are hand selected because Riding Warehouse believes in the brand. 

You can shop with confidence!

Contact Us to receive a great discount at check out!

DSB Logo(B&W)_New.jpg

There is something to be said about a company that is owned and developed by a "horse person" and DSB is the perfect example of that. These boots are the only boots we use here at Bocoy. They are not only the best protection you can get, but they are beautiful! 

Order Today! 

Special Thank You to Lisa Wallace for her endless support. 

Your one stop for all your equestrian needs! Use our code 4428 for a free listing!

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