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Find Hope

A Place of Wisdom & Hope

A Place of Wisdom & Hope believes in giving charities the ability to better fund their efforts to extend their assistance to those in need. 

To them every animal and person deserves the opportunity at a second chance. APWH along with their partners  make second chances possible. 

Bocoy Stables is APWH's permanent partner in rehabbing competition horses that have mentally become dangerous or incapable of competing or ridable horses that have landed in situations where they can no longer be cared for.

Apply to donate a horse

Through an application process horses may be selected to be donated or surrendered for following reasons...

Current owner can no longer afford care

Behavior problems 


Death in the care circle of the horse


Other/ Etc

Only current owner(s) or agent(s) holding a power of attorney may apply on behalf of the horse

Minimum Requirements  

No career ending injuries

Full discloser of behaviors and situation

Current Negative Coggins 

Some form of equine ID (passport, microchip, breed papers, etc)

Basic vet information 


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